Arkaim - Academy of the Magi

In 1952, the satellites transmit to Earth photographs of several unusual circles, are clearly distinguished on the surface of the South-Ural steppes. Artificial origin of these circles, no one in doubt. But no one really could not tell what it is.

From the book Megre New Civilization: the rites of love "

While the scientific and occult circles inflamed debate about where to look for the Indo-European homeland. Scientists have reasonably assumed that many European nations and the peoples of India, Persia and parts of Asia had once been a single source - the mysterious people - praindoevropeytsy.

Many researchers have dreamed of finding the remains of the country, where there lived a legendary white Aryan race. Researchers have tried at least to touch the lost ancient secret knowledge, possessed wherewith ancient Aryans.

When I started digging in arkaimskoy Valley, archaeologists said the scientist to the world that discovered the ancient city, whose age is more than four centuries, and that it inhabited by people of ancient Indo-European civilization. Researchers began to call Arkaim cities, temples, observatories simultaneously.

Who are interested in the hypothesis of scientists can read them in the literature.

I'll pass that told me about Arkaim de darling Anastasia. The logic of his thinking is much more accurate and more interesting than the logic upon which to make scientific hypotheses.

He once said:

- Arch - this is not a city and temple.With respect to the observatory is true, but it is quite nonprincipal. Arkaim - this academy, so you can call it today's term. In Arkaim lived and worked as a teacher of the Magi. Here they are engaged in research of the universe, we determined the relationship of cosmic bodies, their impact on humans. His greatest discoveries, they are not recorded and did not speak in public, with long speeches. From years of research, they counted ceremonies, presents them to the people, observing later, "whether they are effective. If necessary, make adjustments. Long-term studies, they could eventually include one or two short words, behind which was the essence of discovery.

For example, there is a very ancient rituals: Honey Spas, it is celebrated on July 14 and July 19 - Apple Spas.

Until Apple Saviour people did not use to write a new crop apples to honey - honey from the new bribe.

During long-term studies and observations have identified the Magi: to date titled apple does not bring significant benefit to man, even if it is ripe. And it is not only in the apple. Until Apple Spas ripen many useful for human berries and edible herbs and roots. If a person starts to eat apples, it leaves no room for more useful at this point of the product.

That the Magi have determined that in nature there is nothing definite sequence of maturation.It is this sequence and is the divine diet for a person who subsequently centuries in vain for science.

On how to conduct these studies, we can make a multi-volume treatises.

But magicians are not accounted for them, people do not bother with their acquaintance: they portrayed the people ready to conclude in a few words. And people believed the Magi. Their advice has always contended life.

Besides, the Magi vedrusskih, compared with the sages of Greece, the priests of Egypt and current scientists are considered great, the differences were not commensurate. Magus did not receive for his greatest discoveries are no titles and awards, could not accumulate wealth and power did not have any, as, for example, the priests of Egypt. And no one has ever worshiped the magician how to worship today, many so-called spiritual hierarchy. The only thing that got the magician, having come to some sort of settlement, so this writing, clothing, footwear, if it was worn, but a place where he could rest, but sometimes refused to magus of the shelter and slept under the stars.

He also received a sincere and genuine respect for Midnight.

Such a provision for centuries and select the best of the thinkers and popular teacher.

Under the project the magi, the people are grateful to them, and built structures such Arkaim where and come to think about the Magi, where thoughts with each other to share.Where was told at the highest scientific council, on his discoveries, described costed on the basis of their rituals.

People often do not even know who is behind this or that rite, who to thank for the wise, effective the ritual.

For example, a magician, the greatest in human history, a philosopher, an astronomer and a psychologist, ninety years of dedicated research, in what way can overcome the phenomenon today called Telegonia.

He found this method and gave people an effective ritual, the duration of fifteen minutes. True, the preparation for it much longer. You, Vladimir, Anastasia ask, maybe she will tell about it.

Only once say: to understand, to feel this ceremony is possible only through an understanding of feelings of love, which were our ancestors, their philosophy of love. The farther back in time you will be able to penetrate his thoughts, the more obvious will be the rite.

To ensure fidelity to what has been said about the grandfather of Anastasia Arkaim purpose, let's look at its architecture.

Arkaim had the shape of a circle, the outer diameter of about 160 meters. As you can see, the city is quite enough. But I'm going to call it a city, as it is done while scientists.

Surrounded by his six-foot by-pass the moat. The outer wall is very massive. At a height of 5.5 meters, it was five-meter width.In the wall were identified four entrances. Largest - south-west, the other three smaller ones, were located on opposite sides.

Entered the city at once fell on a single circular street, a width of about 5 meters, separating adjoined to the outer walls of the dwelling from the inner ring of walls.

The street had a log deck, under which over its entire length was dug-foot ditch, according to an external bypass ditch. Thus, the city had a storm drain: excess water seeping through the corduroy road, fell into a ditch, and then bypass the outer moat.

All the homes adjacent to the outer wall as a slice of lemon have exits on the main street. Total

Housing outer circle was discovered 35. Even for such a number of villages is not enough.

Next we see the mysterious ring of the inner wall. She was even more massive than the outer. With a three-meter wide, it reached seven-meter height.

This wall, according to the excavations, had no pass, except for a small gap in the southeast. Thus, the 25 domestic dwellings of identical dwellings outer circle, became virtually isolated from all the high and thick walls. To go to the little door of the inner ring, you had to go through the entire length of the ring road. This had a hidden meaning. Inbound to the city had to take the path which passes the sun.And finally, the crowning Arkaim central area almost square in shape, approximately 25x 27 meters.

Judging by the tracks of fires in a given order, it was the area to perform certain rituals.

Thus, schematically we see the Mandala - square inscribed in a circle. In ancient cosmogonic texts circle symbolizes the universe, the square - the Earth, our material world. The ancient wise man, knowing the device Cosmos seen as perfectly natural and it works. And so the construction of the city as if to re-create the universe in miniature.

Arkaim built on pre-designed plan as a single complex of, and oriented to astronomical objects with great accuracy! Figure formed by four entrances in the outer wall Arkaim is a swastika, directed along the Sun.

The swastika (Sanskrit - "associated with the good", "better luck") - one of the most archaic sacred symbols occurring in the period of the Upper Paleolithic in many nations around the world. India, Ancient Russia, China, Egypt and even the state of mysterious Mayans in Central America - that's part geography of this symbol. A swastika can be seen in the old Orthodox icons. Swastika - the symbol of the sun, good luck, happiness and creativity. And accordingly, the swastika symbolizes the opposite direction of darkness, destruction, "night sun" in ancient Russians.As seen from the ancient ornaments, particularly in the Aryan jug found in the vicinity Arkaim, used both the swastika. It has deep meaning. Day follows night, light replaces darkness, the new birth is replaced by death - and this is the natural order of things in the universe. Therefore, in ancient times there was no "bad" and "good" swastikas - they were perceived in unity (as the energy of Yin and Yang in the East).

Arkaim outside was beautiful: the ideal 'round town with a stand out privratnymi towers, glowing lights and beautifully decorated "facade." Certainly, it was some sacred pattern that carries meaning. For all Arkaim imbued meaning.

Each dwelling adjoined to one end face of external or internal wall and looked out at home, ring, street or central square. In an impromptu "hallway" was a special runoff, which went into the ditch by the main street. The ancient Aryans were connected to sewers. Moreover, in each dwelling was a well, the stove and a small dome-shaped vault.

From well above the water diverted two earthen pipe. One led into the furnace, the other - in a dome-shaped "store. Why? All ingenious is simple. We all know that from the well, if you look at him, always draws cool air. So, in the Aryan oven, this cool air passing through the earth tube , created a craving so powerful that it allowed to melt bronze without the use of fur! This stove was in every home, and the ancient smiths had only to hone skills, competing in his art! Another earthen pipe leading into the store, it provided a lower temperature.

Famous Russian astroarheolog K K.Bystrushkin conducted research Arkaim as an astronomical observatory, and concluded as follows.

Arkaim - Construction is not just difficult, but even subtly complex. In studying the plan immediately revealed its similarity to the famous monument of Stonehenge in England. For example, the diameter of the inner circle indicates Arkaim everywhere equal to 85 meters, in fact - this is a ring with two radii - 40 and 43.2 meters. (Try to draw!) Meanwhile, the radius of the ring "Aubrey Holes" at Stonehenge - 43,2 meters! And Stonehenge, and the arch located on the same latitude, both in the center of bowl-shaped valley. And among them almost 4000 kilometers ...

Scientists, researchers say: "Summing up all the observed facts, we can say: Arkaim - for r-rizontnaya Observatory. Why prigorizontnaya? Because the measurements and observations used the moments of sunrise and sunset light (the Sun and the Moon) for horizon. And overreach time "job" (or touch) the lower edge of the disc, which allows most accurately detect the location of this event. If you watch the sun come up, we note that the point of sunrise each day will move from its previous location.Reaching the maximum to the north on June 22 this point then moves to the south, reaching the mark at the other - on December 22. Such is the cosmic order. The number of clearly visible dots observations of the Sun - four. Two - the point of sunrise on June 22 and December 22 and two of these same points of call - on the other side of the skyline. Add two points - the moments of equinox on March 22 and September 22. This gave a fairly accurate determination of the length of the year. However, in the year, there are many other significant events. And they can celebrate with a different light - the moon. Despite the difficulties in its observation, yet the ancient people knew the laws of its movement across the sky. Here are some:

1) Full Moon falling close by June 22,
2) are observed at the point of the winter solstice (December 22) and vice versa.
3) The events of the Moon migrate from points of the solstice with a cycle of 19 years ("high" and "low" Moon).

Arkaim as an observatory to monitor and Moon. In total, these huge walls of circles could capture 18 astronomical events! Six of the Sun and the twelve associated with the Moon (including the "high" and "low" Moon). For comparison: Stonehenge researchers succeeded in isolating only 15 of celestial events.

In addition to these amazing events, facts were obtained the following data: arkaimskaya measure of length - 80 inches, the center of the inner circle is off-center external to 5.25 arkaimskoi measure, which is close to the angle of inclination of the lunar orbit - 5 degrees 9 plus or minus 10 minutes.According to KK rapid rushkina, this reflects a relation between the orbits of the Moon and Sun (for a terrestrial observer). Accordingly, the outer circle Arkaim dedicated to the moon, and the inner - the Sun. Moreover, astroarheologiche-parameter measurements have shown an association of some parameters

Arkaim with the precession of the Earth's axis, and this is top class even in modern astronomy.

Thus, we see: Arkaim even a stretch does not fall under the title "city".

In a very small room is not possible to accommodate the family.

But for philosophers thought it fit perfectly.

The fact that the ancient sages and wise men revered teachers, historians have known. Consequently, Arch, one of the greatest research centers, could belong only to the Magi. Other scientists at that time simply did not exist.

The fact that the Magi counted and adjusted rituals based on the knowledge of Cosmos, is also known.

The question is, where now these unique rituals? What obscurantism destroyed them or hid from people?